Pure Hatred And Blasphemy mcd 2005 (agonia records)

1.Decapitation (Of Jesus Christ)

2.Chapel In Flames

3.Pure Hatred And Blasphemy

Total Hate - Demo tape / cd 2002

(flaming hate prods / hell attacks prods)


2.Total Hate

3.Death Of Mankind

4.Creatures In The Mist

5.Demons Are Calling My Name

6.The Immortal Witch

7.Triumph Of Hell



                                                               cd version incl. 3 bonustracks

Yersinia Split ep 2006 (deviant records)

Side A

1.Yersinia - Freigeist

Side B

2.Total Hate - Age Of The Satanic Hellstorm

Depopulating Planet Earth cd 2008 / tape 2012

(agonia records / bylec tum)

1.Humanity Banished

2.Essence Of Evil

3.Decapitation (Of Jesus Christ)

4.Chapel In Flames

5.Depopulating Planet Earth

6.Total Hate

7.Invocation Of The Fallen Angel

Throne Behind A Black Veil cd / lp / tape 2019

(eisenwald / eternity recs)

1. Psychopath

2. Decline Of Human Life - Part II

3. Thou Shalt Kill (Killing Spree Unleashed)

4. Raven Wings & Witchcraft Spells

5. His Throne Behind A Black Veil

6. Death Raid Apocalypse

7. Lunatic Beast

8. Venomed Seed

Marching Towards Humanicide cd / lp / tape 2023

(eisenwald / eternity recs)

1. Black Division (Annihilate!)

2. Res Ad Triarios Rediit

3. Antichrislem's Realm

4. Of Worthless Lives

5. Immersed In Hellfire

6. Ignited By Hate

7. When Satan's Flames Blazed

8. Marching Towards Humanicide